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Nature of site

The former Závod důlní mechanizace (The mining mechanisation plant – further only ZDM), Uranové doly Příbram (Uranium mines Příbram – further only UD Příbram) was built between 1981 - 1986 during several phases to satisfy the needs of the UD Příbram’s mining activities.

Heavy machinery was produced in the plant; activities consisted mainly of manufacturing and repairs of mining locomotives and trucks.

Shortly before privatisation the ZDM was renamed as ORTAS a.s. (Joint-stock Co.) and remained under this name through the changes of ownership until February 2007.

About the site:
  • it is situated in the industrial zone of the town of Příbram
  • by the virtue of its locality the operations performed thereon do not create environmental problems or nuisance to inhabitants
  • it has its own rail siding on which an overhead crane is available for wagon loading and offloading
  • its parking areas and road surface finishes are consolidated and meet the ecological requirements
  • it is fenced and guarded
  • it comprises manufacturing and repair halls equipped with required lifting equipment having lifting capacity of 5 - 20 tons